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 Tri-State Foundation Waterproofing is a sub-division of Foamco Inc., Dale Giraudin’s Basement Systems of New York, Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley and Foundation Supportworks. David Crawford and his partner Dale Giraudin have formed a team of industry leading professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best service and products. 


 Tri-State Foundation Waterproofing (TSFW) specializes in waterproofing and insulation products and services that protect and waterproof your foundation. Foundation waterproofing systems are applied externally on the foundation walls, effectively preventing water penetration from seeping through the foundation. A dry foundation leads to a dry basement which not only enhances the comfort level of your home; it can also protect your home’s value. Controlling moisture in the basement or crawlspace can also aid in safeguarding your family from unwanted health issues 


 Since 1993 TSFW has been offering a versatile line of products for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Rub-R-Wall and Rub-R-Wall Plus have been specified by architects and builders on more than 50,000 projects around the world since 1989. Our spray applied waterproofing membranes and protection/drainage/insulation boards provide the ultimate moisture and thermal protection for your foundation walls.  


Dave Crawford

Alan Morehouse

Dave Crawford



Dave’s mission is to educate his clients and the community on the rewards of energy efficiency. By evaluating the needs of the structure, he will compose a comprehensive plan designed to tighten the thermal envelope, improve indoor air quality, and acoustics, all while lowering operating costs and creating a more comfortable home. 

Dave stands behind our products and believes that our specific line of foundation waterproofing is an integral part of a comfortable and healthy home. Dave and his team are committed to providing the Greater Hudson Valley and tri-state areas with the best service and products available. They will work with you to customize their foundation waterproofing solutions to the specific needs of your home.

Ron Robb

Alan Morehouse

Dave Crawford


System Design Specialist

Ron’s job as a System Design Specialist is to thoroughly diagnose your waterproofing and structural issues and see important details that others may miss. His philosophy towards fixing a structures problems are to propose and install exactly what is needed, and not just produce a quick fix to a problem that can become more severe. More importantly, he always treats the structure he is walking into as if it is his own.

Ron has spent the last 25 years in the waterproofing industry. After spending several years in general waterproofing, he moved this focus to specializing in injection waterproofing, above grade waterproofing, and below grade waterproofing for commercial and residential spaces.

. Ron enjoys the problem-solving aspects of the job and the potential to have a great impact on helping solve water and moisture problems. Ron is driven towards helping everyone lead a less problematic life. 

. Ron enjoys the problem-solving aspects of the job and the potential to have a great impact on helping solve water and moisture problems. Ron is driven towards helping everyone lead a less problematic life. 

Alan Morehouse

Alan Morehouse

Alan Morehouse


System Design Specialist 

Alan has extensive knowledge of the home building and renovation industry, with over 45 years of construction experience. Through hands on experience in all phases of construction, he is an expert on the structure and engineering of buildings. Alan was a former small business owner with experience in custom home building and remodeling, as well as over 16 years of experience as a Regional Sales Manager in the Modular Home Industry. 

Alan enjoys meeting with homeowners to provide them with the absolute best solutions for their structures issue. Alan also caters to the immediate needs of builders and contractors who are under tight deadlines for new construction projects. 

From concrete leveling to complete foundation waterproofing,

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 Basement Systems of New York  strives to bring industry-leading solutions and products to anyone with basement, foundation, or crawlspace issues. Our highly trained team of System Design Specialists, Installation Professionals, and full-time staff are here to help you create a clean, safe, dry, and usable space in your home. 


 FOAMCO Inc is the Greater Hudson Valley area’s leading spray foam insulation company. We focus on providing homeowners, builders and re modelers, and architects, with a cost-effective solutions that provides superior performance, energy savings, and comfort. 


 Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley is the Greater Hudson Valley area's leading home energy company. We focus on providing solutions to save energy and lower utility costs. We not only offer energy-saving products and services, we also help our customers understand what contributes to energy costs and how a few simple repairs can make a huge difference.